What is Glocktoberfest?

Glocktober or Glocktoberfest?

You might have heard the word “Glocktober” or “Glocktoberfest” this month and here’s a quick breakdown on what that means for those of you who might be new to the gun community or even just new to Glock. Glock is a super popular firearms manufacturer so popular that fans of the Glock have dedicated October to what they call “Glocktober” where glock owners share pictures of their custom glocks. Some cerakoted glocks, or custom glock slide cuts, some glocks have incredible stipple done. It’s a time to share how you’ve transformed your glock and look to other for inspiration.

Custom Glock with Culper Precision Trijicon RMR Slide cut on Custom Glock Slide known as the Atomic 6 Glock Slide
Custom Glock

You don’t have to have a super custom Glock to enjoy Glocktober and maybe Glocktober inspires you to get your Glock customized with Cerakote, custom slide cuts, or even some stipple? The point is just to share and appreciate a product you love and maybe your own unique twist on your Glock inspires other.

Custom Glock with Custom Cerakote on a glock slide and custom glock slide cuts with trijicon rmr glock slide cut.
Multicam Pattern Cerakoted Glock Slide

Post your custom Glock pics on instagram and tag us! We’d love to see what you’ve done to make your Glock stand out!

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5 Best Mods For Your Glock

Here’s our opinion for the best Glock upgrades you can get.

1. Trijicon RMR or SRO

The reason you might want a red dot on your Glock is because it is a faster way to aim across the board. If you go through proper training and the optic is zeroed properly a red dot can dramatically improve your speed and accuracy. Just think why would you mount a red dot on a rifle? The same principle applies, it’s just an easier tool to use to aim and fire. Trijicon RMR and SRO are extremely popular and with the reputation that Trijicon hols it’s no wonder why. We don’t necessarily recommend the Type 1 RMR due to their design being more suited as rifle optics and not meant to be mounted onto a reciprocating slide there are a few flaws left that have to do with over all reliability and battery connection. The best dedicated pistol optics will be the RMR Type 2 or SRO that address battery connection and reliability concerns. Keep in mind though that the SRO is meant as more of a range day optic for competition, or plinking rather than duty due to the structure of the optic being larger and less durable than the RMR. Does that mean the SRO will break easily? NO! Of course not, it is a very durable optic but the RMR Type 2 holds the golden standard in our opinion for durability.

Custom Glock with Slide Windows
Custom Glock Slide With RMR Optic Cut For Gock

2. Slide Customization

Most Glock slides will require that you cut your slide to match the optic you choose, but before you drop off your slide to your gunsmith you should consider getting other upgrades to your slide to get everything done at once. A couple great upgrades would be Front Serrations if your Glock doesn’t already have them. Front Serrations are major additions that help with your grip on the slide. Helps with clearing malfunctions, chamber checks, and of course racking a round into the chamber. Front serrations will help you manipulate your slide in ways that you might be more comfortable with. Window cuts are a controversial topic but if you are looking to make your Glock “Gucci” then they definitely add some unique character while taking some weight off but you wont likely notice the difference. If cutting the weight on your Glock is something you’re interested in and want to avoid windows you’ll want to take a look at the Atomic 6 Carbon Fiber Glock Slide we offer. Built to reduce the weight and look incredible.

Atomic 6 Gucci Glock Carbon Fiber Glock Slide
Atomic 6 From Culper Precision With Killer Innovations Comp

3. Barrel

A match grade Glock barrel paired with window cuts takes your custom Glock build to a whole other level. If you want to make your build stand out this is a great way to accomplish that. Aside from looks a threaded barrel can open a whole new door of opportunity for your Glock in the future. from Comps, to suppressors, and sick looking thread protectors, adding a threaded barrel helps future proof your Glock build and gives it a wide range of accessories to play around with that will change the way you shoot.

Professional Cerakote Job Glock 43 with RMSC
Stipple Glock With RMSc Glock 43 Cerakoted and Stippled By Culper Precision

4. Glock Frame Stipple

Stippling is huge especially for the older generations of Glocks out there that don’t have an optimized feel. Getting your Glock Stippled or adding Undercuts makes a dramatic change to the grip of your Glock that improves your control, and handling of the gun. Glock undercuts help you get a higher purchase on your Glock by eliminating a small amount of extra polymer under the trigger guard where it connects to the rest of the frame. THIS DOES NOT REMOVE THE TRIGGER GUARD. Don’t get confused you will still have a very strong trigger guard but it will be more slim where your knuckle would make contact and usually rub against. This results in a more comfortable and easier to control shooting experience.

Carbon Fiber Glock Slide
Atomic 6 Carbon Fiber Glock From Culper Precision

5. Glock Triggers

The Glock stock trigger is rough right out of the box. There are many parts and kits that make it better but our recommendations is just to buy a new trigger set al together. Things to ask yourself when buying a new Glock Trigger are; 1. Is it too heavy or too light to pull for what I intend to use this for? 2. Does the Trigger safety work with my frame (P80 Frames may have troubles with certain triggers so keep an eye out for compatibility.) 3. Is your trigger “crunchy” or “spongey” (does it feel rough to pull or spongey to pull) 4. Is this trigger compatible with my Glock model, and generation? 5. What do the reviews say? If you ask these questions you will be able to eliminate triggers on the market that might not work for you.