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Beyond Art, Beyond Engineering, The Atomic 6 is a Collaboration of the Two

I want to make everything out of carbon Fiber. There is something about it that speaks to me. The combination of aesthetic simplicity and complexity all in one package, the strength to weight, and frankly the chasm of possibilities that it can fill is both daunting and incredibly exciting. For the last several years I have been discussing the possibility of pulling off a pistol slide out of Carbon Fiber with my engineering staff as well as my Brother and business partner. As with the development or rather application of any new or burgeoning technology (Carbon fiber has been around for a while…) taking this idea from a whisper behind closed doors to the baddest thing in Glock slides has been an arduous, frustrating, and wildly expensive journey not to mention one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding projects I have ever undertaken. We started by asking ourselves what does this NEED to be? First and foremost, it needs to be reliable, long lasting, and the lightest in it’s class. Personally, I can’t shoot a factory Glock without it drawing my blood from slide bite. I wanted to address that so that I could be happy shooting, carrying, and owning one. Finally, we are a custom shop so we need to be able to Cerakote it, and customize it to fit the personal style and preferences of our customers to whom we owe our deepest gratitude for making it possible to do what we love for a living. Finally, it needed to be next level. I was asked what I meant by that and it was hard to put the feeling into words, because it’s not just about shooting fast, or mitigating felt recoil, or even just having an ultra light, reliable EDC to me. It’s about elevating the pistol experience to places we have never been before, it’s about the combination of art and engineering that I believe to be the core of my business, but it needs to be beyond art, it needs to be beyond engineering, it needs to be the perfect collaboration of the two.

-Brandon Scott

Founder | President

Culper Precision