Who we are, And what we do:

At Culper Precision, our mission is to help our customers create truly one of a kind firearms.  To take the wildest and most moving dreams and mold them into a physical and tangible work of art that is beyond value.  We Customize, Build, and modify firearms and firearm accessories.

We are hunters, Gunsmiths, Firearm Enthusiasts, Innovators, Precision Engineers, Cerakote Wizzards, and deeply 2A patriotic Americans.  We share a deep passion for firearms with our customers and the ability to make each and every firearm unique and tailored precisely  to the individual.  Using our full service customization shop and manufacturing facility, we can transform your dream, vision, or firearm into a truly unique piece of art.  anything that you can think of; like your favorite/custom color/s of  Cerakote or Hydro-dipping of your favorite patterns, to surprisingly detailed Laser Engraving of your favorite logo/text/picture/symbol and precision CNC Machining/ turning/ threading/ boring/ milling/ lightening… The only limitation is your imagination… and physics…

We are a team of passionate hunters and long range marksman, so for the last 3 years we have been building custom grade, precision hunting rifles for discerning customers all over the country. We offer full custom builds with satisfaction guaranteed for a fair price. Meaning that you won’t pay what others charge for the same components and superior craftsmanship, and it means that if you are not in love with your new rifle we will make it so that you are. Even if that includes building you a completely new firearm. When you buy a rifle from Culper Precision you are buying a quality, hand built, hand chambered rifle that can achieve the accuracy that machine bored rifles simply cannot achieve. Our goal is 1/2 MOA or better and we extensively test and proof ALL of our rifles at 100yds… not 50yds like so many of our competitors. That means you get an aluminum proofing card that bears the signature of one of our expert rifle builders to prove the accuracy of the rifle so that you can show up on your hunt with confidence in your rifles ability to make that fleeting shot opportunity really count.

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Thanks for stopping by, have fun and be safe out there!

-Culper Precision

Where does the Name Culper originate?

In August of 1776 General George Washington realized his intelligence efforts had woefully underestimated the strength of the British forces,  hell bent on the conquest of New York in order to divide and conquer the rebellious colonies.

By December, the British had assumed total control of New York and had beaten back Washington and his forces into Virginia.  The British found many loyalist New Yorkers eager to inform on Washington and his troops to gain the favor of the crown.

Meanwhile Washington’s own spy network was crumbling with the arrest and execution of Captain Nathan Hale.

Eventually Washington confided in Major Benjamin Tallmadge, a schoolmate of Nathan Hale, to lead the intelligence collection efforts in New York City.Tallmadge recruited childhood friend Abraham Woodhull,and over dinner convinced General Washington to entrust him with the leadership of a new spy ring in New York.   Together these officers formulated the name “Culper” for this new spy ring, devised from Culpeper County Virginia, near Washington’s childhood home and where he worked as a surveyor in his youth.

Woodhull began intelligence operations in the area adopting the alias “Samuel Culper Sr.” Later recruiting Robert Townsend to go by the alias “Samuel Culper Jr”.  They recruited at least 4 others including an unknown/highly debated female “agent 355.” Secrecy was kept so strictly that Washington himself was not given the names of many of these operatives, making it difficult for historians to uncover some of the Culper mysteries.

The Culper ring became America’s first secret spy network, collecting intelligence on the British forces, helping the revolutionaries to defeat the British and ultimately win independence.  The Culper ring pioneered and established many techniques and methods of modern spy-craft;  Including dead drops, secret codes, invisible ink, and so on.  Mystery still surrounds the Culper Spy Ring, due to the effective nature and structure of their dealings.  However we are aware of the vital role they played in aiding Washington in defeating the British during the American Revolutionary War.

We chose to bring the mystery shrouded and symbolic name Culper into our business to honor this heritage, and act as a compass, a symbol and reminder of our vision to utilize the unconventional, stray from inside the box thinking, and provide Extra-ordinary development in our products and our services.

We here at Culper Precision value our American Heritage, and hope to perpetually promote the freedoms and innovations of  that heritage.