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Why Your AR15 Isn’t Accurate

A lot of people have decided to rush and buy their first AR15. Despite spending thousands on “High End AR’s” many are finding that they are getting 2-5+ MOA results and needing to clean or lube their guns often. This comes down to a dozen factors but most often its that mass produced off the […]

Coronavirus & Gun Sales

Many gun buyers seem worried that the exponential spread of covid-19 will lead to a season of hard-to-find essentials — of illness-related disruptions in the grocery supply chain — with angry have-nots out to steal from the haves. Perhaps, more likely, Americans will weather the crisis peacefully. In any event, many appear to think it […]

Invest in guns? Why Custom Guns Sell Better…

We’ve all tried to explain to our wives at some point that guns will make more money then they cost. Well here is some data for you to show her now to prove a point. Is there a trend for depreciation, or appreciation, of firearms? Generally speaking, firearms will lose some of their value over time. […]

Why Should You Get Glock Slide Cuts?

Oh where to start? A lot of guys will say you should never cut a factory Glock Slide because it will decrease the reliability. The answer to that is, only if you get it cut by the wrong person. All of us at Culper Precision run some form of slide cuts on our glocks. With […]

Carbon Fiber Glock The Atomic 6

Carbon Fiber Glock?!? I know what you’re thinking and yes it’s true Culper precision has made the world First Carbon Fiber Inlay GLock Slide for the Glock 19 Gen4. The Kit either includes the full gun with a Nomad Defense Frame or the Modulus slide kit that include just the Slide and Spring kit as […]

Why You Need Cerakote

Cerakote has many benefits and is one of the most popular coatings for firearms. It’s not just for looks, It’s got a lot to do with rust protection, durability, and overall helps against erosion. You might ask “Well what is cerakote?”. From Cerakote’s website “Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating that can be applied to […]

What is Glocktoberfest?

Glocktober or Glocktoberfest? You might have heard the word “Glocktober” or “Glocktoberfest” this month and here’s a quick breakdown on what that means for those of you who might be new to the gun community or even just new to Glock. Glock is a super popular firearms manufacturer so popular that fans of the Glock […]

5 Best Mods For Your Glock

Here’s our opinion for the best Glock upgrades you can get. 1. Trijicon RMR or SRO The reason you might want a red dot on your Glock is because it is a faster way to aim across the board. If you go through proper training and the optic is zeroed properly a red dot can […]