Culper Precision Long Range Hunting Rifles.

Defining excellence in lightweight, long range, precision hunting rifles.

Each Culper Precision Long Range Hunting Rifle is carefully constructed in our facility using the highest quality components. We pride ourselves in the perfect marriage of cutting edge manufacturing methods and materials, with the proper hand crafted, attention to detail that machines simply cannot achieve on a mass scale. They are each individually tested and tuned for accuracy and repeatability by our professional, experienced gunsmiths.

We have a number of rifles in stock at any given time but most are custom built to individual customer specifications. To get a build started email us at and one of our Precision Rifle experts will discuss options and pricing with you.

For the discerning hunter we offer custom load development packages; meaning a custom tuned hand load is developed for your individual rifle. You determine the quantity of hand loads that ship with your rifle, and that precision tuned load data is stored here on our servers along with the serial number of your rifle in case you ever misplace the information.

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