Work At Culper Precision

Culper Precision is nothing without the talents and passion of our team working together to create reliable art for our customers and clients. Do you want to be part of a Close-knit group of individulas who genuinely like helping others, are passionate about firearms, passionate about design, and passionate about increasing our customer’s enjoyment of the shooting sports through the things we create? We love taking creative chances, experimenting with ideas and, working together to bring consistent quality and excellence to the our customers and industry partners.  If you are the type of person who resfuses to accept mediocrity, and pays close attention to the details, you will probably fit right in. Culper Precision is a place for people that love a challenge, that love to figure things out, that love to learn new skills and improve the skills they brought with them, but mostly it is a place for artists, designers, and outside-the-box thinkers to flex that creative muscle as it pertains to design, manufacturing, and increasing the enjoyement of the shooting sports.

Positions Available

Gunsmith – Salary, Full Time – June 2021;

A gunsmith at Culper Precision is someone who has had formal training as a gunsmith, or can demonstrate all the skills of a formally trained gunsmith over the course of a working interview, has a wide array of knowledge concerning firearms design, components, coatings, models, and types. They are a tinkerer who can demonstrate proficency with a manual lathe, manual milling machine, firearms tuning, armoring, and can bring to the table a wealth of technical firearms knowledge. Our Gunsmiths work with customer service, to decide what gunsmithing jobs are taken on, and are within your capability, using our equipment, and then complete those jobs in a timely manner for our customers. They spray production Cerakote and Customs, and are responsible to armor down all incoming firearms, and re-assemble, lubricate, function check, and perform basic quality control before handing off completed work to customer service to return to the customer. We consult with our gunsmiths to help us develop new products and services like slide cuts, accessories, customization options, and in some cases complete new lines of products and services. Culper Precision is not a place that you will be doing the same thing day in and day out, the gunsmithing position is likely the most dynamic role here at Culper as they will generally have their fingers in a number of projects from day to day ranging from general functional and aesthetic design, part manufacturing, engineering, assembly, maintenance of shop firearms, cerakote application, and much more. We like to have driven, passionate individuals as gunsmiths, we like to have the kind of person that if they had 50 million dollars in the bank, they would be gunsmithing simply for the enjoyment of it.

Gunsmiths at Culper Precision get paid a salary on the 1st and 15th of every month starting at $31,500/year (works out to a little over $15/hr) with performance/ efficiency/ productivity targets used to qualify for raises after the first 90 days. Gunsmiths have 7-8 Paid holidays a year, and 2 paid time off days after the first 90 days. Additional PTO days are awarded yearly based on performance. Options for 401k, health insurance, dental, etc available.

To apply for this position, send a resume, and work portfolio (collection of photos of work you have done) via an email to the email address, info (at) Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!

Prep Technician/ Cerakote Apprentice – Hourly – Full time or part time – Summer 2021

The most important aspect of high performance cerakote is proper preparation of the parts to be sprayed. Our best cerakote applicators throughout the years have always come through the Prep Technician/ Apprentice position before being an applicator.  Learn to spray cerakote from the ground up by prepping and assisting our applicators in proper application of Cerakote Ceramic coating. Prep technicians are responsible to follow the instruction and training of the applicator, you will learn how to prep parts for cerakote, you will learn how to do basic armoring and mix cerakote colors properly.  You will be responsible for part handling and assisting with quality control. You will help come up with cool new designs and color schemes for customer guns and shop guns, you will assist the laser engraving department and machining with production runs and much more.

This is an entry level position here at Culper Precision, so you must;

  1. Be legally old enough to work in Utah.
  2. Be able to get yourself to the shop on time for your shift.
  3. Be able to lift 75 lbs 4 ft in the air.
  4. Be hungry to learn and to prove that you can follow instructions, and be thorough in your work.

Prep Technicians and Cerakote Apprentices make between $8.50/ hour and $13.00/hour depending on experience, work ethic, and reliability.

To apply for this position, email your resume to info [at] Culper Precision .com or swing by and fill out an application in person.