Work At Culper Precision

Culper Precision is nothing without the talents and passion of our team working together to create reliable art for our customers and clients. Do you want to be part of a Close-knit group of individulas who genuinely like helping others, are passionate about firearms, passionate about design, and passionate about increasing our customer’s enjoyment of the shooting sports through the things we create? We love taking creative chances, experimenting with ideas and, working together to bring consistent quality and excellence to the our customers and industry partners.  If you are the type of person who resfuses to accept mediocrity, and pays close attention to the details, you will probably fit right in. Culper Precision is a place for people that love a challenge, that love to figure things out, that love to learn new skills and improve the skills they brought with them, but mostly it is a place for artists, designers, and outside-the-box thinkers to flex that creative muscle as it pertains to design, manufacturing, and increasing the enjoyement of the shooting sports.

Positions Available

Videographer/Photographer – Social Media and Marketing Manager

We are looking for a new Videographer/Photographer and Social Media Manager here at Culper Precision. This is a position entirely dependent on your skills vs having a huge resume of social media management experience. If you love taking photos and making video and are proficient with Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premier Pro, and love guns this is a great place to come in and get a bunch of experience building marketing content and media for a firearms brand.  You will be responsible to create social media content, marketing fliers and handouts, and advertising content for our products and services for distribution to our dealers, prospective and current customers, and for showcasing recent work to our customers to inspire new ideas in our customer’s mind’s of what is possible at Culper Precision.

Full Time or Part Time

Compensation negotiable based on experience, speed, and generated asset quality.

Please send a resume to us at and do not forget to attach a link to an online portfolio or projects that you worked on.