Work At Culper Precision

Culper Precision is nothing without the talents and passion of our team working together to create reliable art for our customers and clients. Do you want to be part of a Close-knit group of individulas who genuinely like helping others, are passionate about firearms, passionate about design, and passionate about increasing our customer’s enjoyment of the shooting sports through the things we create? We love taking creative chances, experimenting with ideas and, working together to bring consistent quality and excellence to the our customers and industry partners.  If you are the type of person who resfuses to accept mediocrity, and pays close attention to the details, you will probably fit right in. Culper Precision is a place for people that love a challenge, that love to figure things out, that love to learn new skills and improve the skills they brought with them, but mostly it is a place for artists, designers, and outside-the-box thinkers to flex that creative muscle as it pertains to design, manufacturing, and increasing the enjoyement of the shooting sports.

Positions Available

Customer Service Tech

Customer service can be both the most fun and most challenging position here at Culper Precision. The responsibility to guide customers in the process of the build of their dreams, suggesting services, cuts, art, and color schemes to suit the stated purpose of our customers, for many firearms enthusiasts is the exact description of their dream job. You are the most important interface we have with our customers and can bridge the gap between what people see online and what is possible here in the Custom Shop.  The downside is then you also have to answer the phone when we release something like Block19 or Let’s Go Brandon mags and get called a baby murderer or Trump Apologist or whatever by a bunch of butthurt Karens. So, thick skin is a MUST for this position. Customer Service Techs must be able to perform basic armoring of pistols, Rifles, AR-15s, and be able to lift 100lbs.  You will be responsible to communicate with customers, suppliers, and management to drive the workflow and daily activities here at Culper helping to prioritize daily activities based on quoted lead times and deadlines and customer feedback. You are responsible to ensure the timely communication between Culper Precision and our customers, and interact with customers via our front showroom, phone calls, texts, instagram, website, and email. We are looking for someone who is almost OCD when it comes to organization, someone who loves guns and wants a deeper or wider technical knowledge, someone who is familiar with the customization market and other service providers in this business.

$32,000/year – Salary 9 paid holidays and 2 days of paid time off after your first 90 days with yearly PTO accrual.

Please email a resume to info at Culper Precision dot com and we will reach out.

Target Start Date; Dec 1-10

Note; This is not viewed as an entry level position at Culper Precision. We depend on your individual tastes and knowledge and preferences and the result of your communication with customers to drive our business.  It is the suggestions from our CS team that carries the most weight and value with management, this isn’t a “sit in your chair and answer the phone like a slave” customer service job. This is an opportunity to have some say about what goes on here at Culper and standing as a guide for the production staff and management to help our customers get their guns back in a timely manner. If you love guns, and want to have some say in the goings on of your workplace, you might be the perfect fit.