The Culper Precision AR-15

The Culper Precision Patrol rifle is our most affordable rifle. This rifle is trusted by responsibly-prepared citizens and many agencies and departments around the country. This is a great option if you are looking for an accurate and dependable rifle that “keeps it simple” while providing a performance level that leaves every other rifle in this category in it’s dust.

The Culper Precision Designated Marksman (DM) rifle is a perfect balance of feature-set and performance in a value that cannot be beat.  The DM is purpose-built for accuracy, reliability, ease of maintenance, and durability.   The DM is the answer for the shooter looking for an optimized tool for self-defense, training, duty-use, or a “work” rifle.  The DM is our most popular, and most versatile rifle platform.

The Culper Precision Designated Marksman Lightweight (DML) rifle has the same feature-set as the standard DM but with a tapered- pencil (.625″) profile barrel.  This model reduces the weight of the rifle making for an easier to carry option.  Our most popular “everyday AR-15” model.

The Culper Precision Designated Marksman Suppressed Rifle (DMSR) is specifically engineered for use with a suppressor.  It used our Designated Marksman rifle as a base and adds several suppressor-friendly features including a specially tuned gas system, gas-busting charging handle, concentrically-mounted suppressor adaptor, and an A5 buffer and receiver extension.  The result is a rifle that exceeds expectations for suppressed AR-15s by running more efficiently, smoother, and cleaner than other suppressed ARs.  The DMSR also runs a Geissele two-stage match trigger as standard.

The Culper Precision Lightweight Sniper System (LSS)  is a high-precision, small-frame AR pattern rifle designed specifically for Law Enforcement sharp-shooters.  This system is available in three calibers (6ARC, 6.5 Grendel, and 6.8 SPC II) giving the optimum balance of ballistic performance and liability mitigation.  The LSS platform includes a Magpul UBR Gen2 stock, Law Tactical folding stock adapter, Larue two-stage match trigger, Integrated ARCA rail on the handguard, and ambidextrous gas-busting charging handle.

The Culper Precision Lightweight Sniper System-Hunting (LSSH) is the AR-15 hunter’s dream rifle.  A high-caliber lightweight build with very little recoil.  It carries many of the same features as our LSS model, but ditching the folding stock adapter for a lightweight carbon handguard and Proof Research carbon-wrapped barrel.  The LSSH makes an excellent deer-sized game hunting rifle that can be packed into the field in a much more compact and lightweight configuration than traditional hunting rifles.

Culper Precision Warrior Legacy rifles are one-of-a-kind custom rifle builds that replicate specific rifles carried by American Warfighters.  These builds are executed to the exact same standards we have for all of our rifles, but are exacting replicas of specific firearms carried by America’s heroes.  Currently our Warrior Legacy Rifles are exclusively available through Warrior Rising events and fundraisers.