Terms and Conditions of use and sale, and Product Policy for TIMBERWOLF CUSTOMS dba CULPER PRECISION;

Culper Precision’s in house certified Gunsmiths will remove the sights and internals on your pistol slide and frame as pertaining to the work being performed on your firearm. If you send aftermarket parts with your gun or purchase aftermarket parts with your customization we are more than happy to install those for you upon completion at no charge.

DISCLAIMERS: TIMBERWOLF CUSTOMS LLC dba CULPER PRECISION. expressly disclaims liability for incidental or consequential damages. As provided for below, we do not offer any written or implied warranty on our products and expressly disclaim any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

As a condition of sale, any controversy, issue, or claim arising out of or relating to this sale, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. On any claim related to goods or services sold by TIMBERWOLF CUSTOMS LLC dba CULPER PRECISION the jurisdiction for the arbitration shall be exclusively in the state of Utah, regardless of where the claim may arise. No claim shall be actionable unless commenced within one year from date of sale.

No goods or services sold by us are intended for installation except by a trained gunsmith and are only intended for factory specification standard velocity ammunition. Any use or evidence of use of overpressure or ‘+P’ ammunition used in the firearm is at the user’s own risk and liability, TIMBERWOLF CUSTOMS dba CULPER PRECISION will not be held liable for any damage or issues which arise from such ammunition. Any verbal representations made by us or our representatives related to installation or product compatibility, should be confirmed with your local certified, properly accredited gunsmith, to assure safe operation in your particular firearm.

LEAD TIMES ARE BEST GUESS ESTIMATES not set in stone delivery dates. No refunds will be issued for overshoot of estimated date of completion or lead time variations vs the actual time required to complete the project. Being that each firearm we receive to work on has an unknown history, we spend a significant amount of time addressing things like screws that have had WAY too much loctite applied to them this takes additional time from our armoring staff and translates into fewer jobs getting completed than what was planned for and in most cases executed on previous days under different circumstances.

We will do our best to gently remove sights from your firearm in preparation for custom work, in some cases excessive amounts of threadlocker or corrosion may be binding a part like a sight to a slide and there will be no way to remove the part from the firearm without damaging it. We will generally go to a point and then consult the customer before progressing into a process that has a higher likelihood of destroying the parts as they arrived on the firearm. In many cases we do not hear back from a customer in a timely manner or the customer has previously expressed or suggested that getting the firearm completed faster is the priority, therefore TIMBERWOLF CUSTOMS dba CULPER PRECISION cannot be held liable for damage to a part that cannot be removed through conventional methods. We will try to reach out before a component is destroyed requiring additional work to repair, but we prioritize the timely completion of the job. We are willing to offer discounts on replacements and repair work if available but will not be held liable for damage to components that have been glued, threadlocked, or rusted on to the slide.

At the time an order is made in our store or on this website, background processes are being manually completed by employees in order to expedite the successful and timely completion of work ro contract. It is for this purpose that all order cancellations or change orders are subject to a cancellation/ change order fee of 10% of the invoice but not less than $25.00.

NO WRITTEN WARRANTY: Due to the complexities of complying with the Federal warranty law, TIMBERWOLF CUSTOMS LLC dba CULPER PRECISION does not offer a written warranty. We  stand behind our products and services, and have deep care and concern for our customers, but we cannot, and do not, make guarantees or warranties of any kind. This general statement of policies and disclaimers is effective January 1st 2021, and no prior statements or promises shall be of any effect for transactions after January 1st 2021.

By checking the box at checkout and completing a sale on this website you are certifying that you have read and agree to these terms of use and sale and will abide by these terms and conditions.