FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

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Are you a Gun Store?:

Yes, Sort of. We are a Custom Shop, We build, modify and create custom guns. We do offer guns for sale that are completed custom guns from our shop, you can find those under “Factory Store”.

We however do not sell unmodified factory guns or Parts.


We Offer the following services and Products:

  • Complete Custom Guns for Sale (factory Store)
  • Cerakote application for your firearms
  • optic cuts, and slide machining (porting, windowing and serrations) for various handguns
  • Stippling (We have multiple stipple textures, and can do custom artwork stipples)
  • Some Gun Smithing
  • Custom AR builds
  • We engineered and Sell the Atomic 6 (World’s First Carbon Fiber Slide)
  • Custom Precision Rifles
  • Frame Reduction, Undercuts, and other handgun modifications.
  • Laser Engraving
  • We sell Laser Engraved P-mags and Optic Cover plates
  • We are a Suppressor Shop
  • We Sell Certain Optics

What is Cerakote?:

Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness.

Cerakote is a Product that is Produced by the Company “Cerakote” They Offer an exceptionally wide variety of colors, we are talking hundreds. This allows us to get very creative when coating firearms. Cerakote offers certification for companies that want to become “Cerakote Certified Applicators” This is when said company is considered a qualified applicator by Cerakote itself. As a Cerakote Certified Applicator we can provide exceptional levels of quality in our Cerakote application for your firearms and Firearms accessories.

What Color Options are there With Cerakote?:

Hundreds. There are countless possibilities when Cerakoting your firearm. We can Cerakote single colors like Graphite Black to match your manufacturers OEM black, or we can do more specialty type single colors like Burnt bronze, gold, rose gold and chrome like satin aluminum.

We can also do Camouflage and custom patterns like Multicam, Artic, Flektarn, M81, Battleworn, ShatterCam, Kyrptek Highlander etc.

If you would like to see a more detailed list of all the colors we can utilize, check out Cerakotes website and be sure to look in the H series, C Series and elite Series . Link below:


You can also check out our instagram for more ideas and examples of what we can do: https://www.instagram.com/culperprecision/?hl=en

Shoot us a DM on Instagram, or email Info@culperprecision.com too see if we can do the pattern or color you have in mind.

Is Cerakote Durable? Will it Chip or wear off?:

Cerakote is EXTREMELY durable. Under most circumstances that a firearm is placed under properly applied Cerakote will not chip. In many ways Cerakote is the future of firearms coating. In addition to the countless color options there are various benefits to using Cerakote over alternate firearm finishes.

Which is Better, Nitride or Cerakote?

well to answer that question here is a video from cerakote:


Can you do Slide machining or an Optic cut on my Gun:

Yes, we can do optics and slide machining to certain guns. We have a list of specific slide cuts and porting that we can do, that work for specific firearms.

we can do the following:

Glock 19:

  • Optic cut (RMR/SRO/holosun 507C/Holosun 407C, Vortex Venom, Vortex Viper, Leupold Delta Point Pro, Shield RMS, Shield RMSc, Shield SMS, JP Jpoint, Burris Fast fire 3)
  • Matching front Serrations
  • Angled Front Serrations
  • Slide window cuts
  • Top window cuts
  • our “Flux cut”
  • our “Alternative cut”
  • our “Rehab cut”
  • our “Chad Cut”
  • our “Geneva cut”
  • our “Perfect Phorm cut”

How long does it take?

Whenever you check in a firearm too us we will give you an Estimated completion time. Due to the complexity of most of the things we are doing here at Culper we can not give an exact promised date, however we do record an estimated completion date and work tirelessly to meet that deadline.

How can I check the Status of my firearm?

We are looking for a software solution to this, and for the most part many of these software solutions are quite expensive. In an attempt to maintain reasonable pricing for our customers we have not adopted such software. We hope you will understand our thinking here, in a deeply passion rooted attempt to keep our interactions with our customers on a friends and family style relationship we feel we are able to connect and develop a more human relationship.

Not having this software however makes it hard to keep customers updated. We do in fact have an internal system that tracks the exact status of every firearm that is received. This system however does not allow us to share the information externally for any reasonable price point.

If you have a firearm checked in with us the Easiest way to check the status is to shoot us an email to info at Culper Precision Dot Com Emails are checked every morning daily and we can usually give you and update within 24 hours.