The Culper Precision Patrol Rifle

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The Culper Precision Patrol Rifle is the people’s rifle. Our engineers and gunsmiths used over 100 years of combined gunsmithing, accurizing and manufacturing know-how, To create and build the most durable and accurate rifle at an affordable price. This isn’t your average entry level ar-15. We leverage our small manufacturer status to do what the big guys cannot.

We start by sourcing high quality components, finding the guys that build the name brand stuff for the name brands, we buy their forgings, parts, and pieces.  Then using our in house machining centers and more than a little elbow grease we tune and hone and perfect each upper and lower to hand fit perfection.

Our guns do not rattle, the upper and lower are precision machined to have a nice solid fit. We blueprint, square, and hand lap every upper receiver before and after coating and press-fit the barrels into the upper receiver and tension the barrel nut to perfect torque.

Our precision tuned AR-15s are custom built in small batches. Stop by the shop or contact us today to get yours started.

Culper Precision 1096 E 930 S Provo UT 84606 801-839-4841 Call or Text!