Culper Precision Warrior Legacy Rifles


Culper Precision Warrior Legacy rifles are one-of-a-kind, commissioned custom rifle builds that faithfully replicate specific rifles carried by American Warfighters. 

Culper Precision Warrior Legacy rifles are one-of-a-kind custom rifle builds that replicate specific rifles carried by American Warfighters.  These builds are executed to the same standards we have for all of our rifles, but are exacting replicas of specific firearms carried by America’s Heroes.

Warrior Legacy rifles start with a commission from Warrior Rising to accurately duplicate specific rifles carried by American Warriors in combat.  These rifle builds are individually researched from photographs and intel provided by the specific Warrior as well as historical records concerning the construction of the original weapons issued to them.  The goal for success is to replicate as closely as possible the rifle the Warrior remembers using in combat.

Some of the previous Warrior Legacy rifle builds have included:

US Army 10th Special Forces Group Detachment Commander Jason Van Camp’s M4 SOCOM Block 1 Carbine

US Army 5th Special Forces Group Chief Warrant Officer 2 Nick “the Machine” Lavery’s M4 SOCOM Block II FSB Carbine

US Navy SEAL Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell’s M4 SOCOM Block 1

US Navy SEAL Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell’s Mk 12 Mod 1 Special Purpose Rifle

Warrior Legacy rifles are painstakingly researched and intel is collected from photographs, teammates, and documents before parts are tracked down or reproduced.  In most cases, we will talk with the Warrior themselves, or their teammates to answer specific questions such as how they painted their rifle, what their dope-card had on it, or whether they used a specific part or not.  Once we have collected all of the information we can, the re-creation begins.

Some Warrior legacy rifles may take months to source parts for.  If you have ever looked into building “clone” rifles, you will quickly discover that finding specific parts for these rifles can be very difficult, and in many cases, extremely expensive.  While there are plenty of online resources concerning how to build a “correct clone”, a Warrior Legacy rifle takes this a step further in sourcing the exact parts a specific Warrior used on their issued weapon.  Things like grips, iron-sights, optics, lights, magazines, and many others vary from the “clone-correct” parts list, but are very user-specific details we try to reproduce in a Warrior Legacy build.

Once all of the parts have been collected the rifle is built.  They are built to the same standards as our main-line rifles such as the DM and LSS, but using many of the techniques military armories used “back-in-the-day” when the originals were produced by Crane, PRI, and others.  The original finish of the rifle is reproduced.  Many rifles reproduced as Warrior Legacy rifles had specific “rattle-can” camouflage applied to them, sometimes by the end-user themselves.  These spray-painted camouflage finishes are replicated on Warrior Legacy Rifles with Cerakote.  This ensures a long-lasting and durable finish that looks just like the original “rattle-can” camo; even down to specific wear-patterns.

Currently our Warrior Legacy Rifles are exclusively available through Warrior Rising events and fundraisers.  Warrior Rising is a non-profit started by Veterans that assists Veterans in establishing themselves in businesses in post-military life.  The create Vetrepreveurs by leveraging the skill-set Veterans gain during their service an applying it to the world of business.  They help Veterans recognize purpose in post-service life by fueling, coaching and mentoring them into becoming successful business owners and managers.  If you have interest in acquiring a Warrior Legacy rifle please consider participating in a Warrior Rising fundraising event.  A calendar of these events can be found at the link below:

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