What is Glocktoberfest?

Glocktober or Glocktoberfest?

You might have heard the word “Glocktober” or “Glocktoberfest” this month and here’s a quick breakdown on what that means for those of you who might be new to the gun community or even just new to Glock. Glock is a super popular firearms manufacturer so popular that fans of the Glock have dedicated October to what they call “Glocktober” where glock owners share pictures of their custom glocks. Some cerakoted glocks, or custom glock slide cuts, some glocks have incredible stipple done. It’s a time to share how you’ve transformed your glock and look to other for inspiration.

Custom Glock with Culper Precision Trijicon RMR Slide cut on Custom Glock Slide known as the Atomic 6 Glock Slide
Custom Glock

You don’t have to have a super custom Glock to enjoy Glocktober and maybe Glocktober inspires you to get your Glock customized with Cerakote, custom slide cuts, or even some stipple? The point is just to share and appreciate a product you love and maybe your own unique twist on your Glock inspires other.

Custom Glock with Custom Cerakote on a glock slide and custom glock slide cuts with trijicon rmr glock slide cut.
Multicam Pattern Cerakoted Glock Slide

Post your custom Glock pics on instagram and tag us! We’d love to see what you’ve done to make your Glock stand out!

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