Why Should You Get Glock Slide Cuts?

Oh where to start? A lot of guys will say you should never cut a factory Glock Slide because it will decrease the reliability. The answer to that is, only if you get it cut by the wrong person. All of us at Culper Precision run some form of slide cuts on our glocks. With our oldest one being a Glock 19 gen 3 with over 20 thousand rounds through as well as newer Glock 19x which we showcase at Shootah and put well over 10’s of thousands o rounds through.

Out of the thousands of slide cuts we have done there has yet to be a malfunction due to the slide. We’re confident in all of our cuts after testing them in multiple scenerios year round before releasing them as options to the public.

Carbon Fiber GLock SLide with Carbon Fiber GLock Called the Atomic 6 By Culper Precision.
Atomic 6 Carbon Fiber Glock

Now why would you get your slide cut? Well if i had to put it into percentages the main reasons why you would cut your slide other than basic optic cuts are;

25% Weight Reduction

25% Grip

50% For Instagram haha

Custom Glock 43, Glock 43 customization, Glock 43 slide cuts

Lets all be real if you are customizing your glock you are posting picks of it and shareing it to the world for everyone to see how cool it is. But aside from just looks there is a legetimate weight reduction sometimes even up to 50% that makes you gun really light to EDC. There is also the fact that front serrations don’t always come stock with Glock and adding a grippy texture to the front of your slide definitely helps with manipulating your firearm and clearing malfunctions.

So Slide cuts do offer some real functionality to your gun at a really good price especially if you’re getting your slide cut rom Culper Which garuntees the best bang or your buck in Cerakote, Stipple, and Slide cuts for optics, or more eccentric cuts or weight reduction, and texture for slide manipulations.

Remember to always send you gun to get customized by professionals because if customization is done by the wrong person it could cost a life.

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