Customize Your Springfield


All of our custom shop packages are services to a slide or complete

firearm that you supply.

We sometimes have limited inventory on certain aftermarket slides that we can customize and ship to you for an additional fee for the slide blank.
These products are separated into sections for ease of use and to aid you in getting exactly what you want:

1. Machining and Cerakote on the slide are bundled together to prevent slide corrosion after machining.

2. Slide Cerakote Only, if you do not need machining and want Cerakote refinishing on your slide, this is the best option.

3. All of our in-house stipple textures and frame work. We offer several laser stipple patterns on Glock Black Polymer, and a wide variety of hand stipple patterns that can be translated to ANY polymer frame/grip on any firearm.

4. Frame cerakote options, we highly reccomend cerakote over stipple as it preserves the life and feel of the stipple texture and give it that little bit of ‘tooth’ for enhanced grip.

5. Custom laser engraving – laser engraving has so many variables and there is so much we cna do with our super powerful high detail laser engraving machines that it is difficult to represent a comprehensive pricing here on the website, if you have interest in custom laser engraving it is best to reach out to us via text, the contact form, or our email.